DNA Testing Fee Schedule

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    Paternity Test

    Maternity Test

    Paternity and Maternity Combo Test

    Sibling Test

    Grandparentage Test

    Aunt/Uncle Test

    Cousin Test

    Twin Test

    Health and Disease


    Carrier Status

    Food Sensitivity

    Diet and Fitness

    Behaviour & Traits


    DNA Profile (Autosomal STR)

    Autosomal STR Profile Comparison

    DNA Banking Service - Saliva Collection

    Y-DNA STR Marker Profile Test

    Y-DNA STR Marker Comparison Test

    Mitochondrial DNA Test (mtDNA)

    Forensic DNA Test (Autosomal STR)

    DNA Banking Service - Post Mortem

    Paternal Ancestry Tests (Y-DNA)

    Maternal Ancestry Tests (mtDNA)

    Combo Ancestry Tests (Y-DNA and mtDNA)

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