Combo DNA Ancestry Test

Discover your ancestry by testing your mtDNA and Y-DNA (males only).
Explore your genetic makeup and discover where your ancestors came from.. Uncover the secrets of your family tree with our Combo DNA Ancestry Test. Our simple and painless buccal swab collection kit allows you to quickly and easily collect a sample from inside your mouth. With every test, you’ll receive a full genetic report that includes all of the details you need to start tracing your family tree.
This test analyzes Y-DNA, which is only found in males.
Females can explore their maternal lineage with our Maternal Ancestry Test or test a close male relative for insight into their paternal lineage.


Fast, Convenient, Painless

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How Home DNA Testing Works

Step 1. Order Kit

Order Test Kit

From relationship tests to health tests, we offer a wide range of DNA tests to fit your needs.

Step 2. Swab

Collect & Ship

Collect your DNA with our painless mouth swabs, then send the samples to our laboratory for analysis

Step 4. Results

Receive Results

Access your confidential results online the moment testing is completed. Our team of experts is available for any questions.

Electronic Reports Delivery

Monitor the progress of your tests in real-time and securely access your confidential results anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this test.

Yes, both males and females inherit mtDNA from their mother so both males and females can take the mtDNA test to trace their maternal lineage.

No, only males have Y-DNA so only males can take the Y-DNA test. Females wishing to trace their paternal lineage must test the Y-DNA of a male family member such as a father, brother, male cousin or nephew who is on their direct paternal line. Both males and females can take the mtDNA to trace their maternal lineage.

mtDNA is unique because it is passed down strictly along the direct maternal line (from mother to child). Only females can pass their mtDNA down to their children, so even though both males and females have mtDNA, only females can pass their mtDNA down to the next generation. The maternal line inheritance pattern of mtDNA means that your mtDNA is inherited directly from your matrilineal ancestors (mother’s, mother’s, mother’s…. maternal lineage). The matrilineal inheritance pattern of mtDNA means that all people who have descended from the same maternal lineage as you will have exactly the same mtDNA as you.

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